Abi Jones

Event & Sales Manager
Special Talents
Epic puns
Beast-like strength
A well-stocked drawer of vegan snacks

Personal motto

Work hard not smart.


I used to work in sports events, mostly long distance running, multi-sport and endurance racing which was always an adventure (often a wet, cold and muddy one), before moving across to event hire through the covid years, and now finally to the creative wonderland that is Themepro.

Outside of work I spend my time learning new skills with Pole dance, it is my spark.

A typical workday

There is typically a lot of running around involved! But I can always make time for first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, and regular snacks…

Favourite project or activation

I most enjoy the really crazy out there themes where all the team feel really inspired and starts bouncing ideas around.

Contact info

+ 64 3 377 2045
Christchurch, NZ