Bespoke Art

Our new favourite thing!!!

With the outbreak of Covid and the sudden demise of events, a portion of the Theme Productions team have shifted sideways into a world of creative mayhem.

What started out as us “scratching an itch” and building things that had a potential purpose for one of our events, has carried on down a rabbit hole of a journey that is rapidly evolving into a direction that none of us could have ever envisaged.  

We have assigned half of one of our buildings into a designated workshop space and teamed up with several other creative individuals to follow our dreams and build crazy shit!

Current projects see us turning a former corporate jet into a futuristic space ship, another plane into a steampunk anglerfish (both destined to eventually become Airbnbs in Central Otago, but both are available in the short/medium term for events and promotions.

Other recent builds include a Star Wars-inspired pod racer, and “Moths to the Flame” which featured at Electric Avenue, Relish Festival, and Luma. 

As varied as all the pieces have been to date, the general style and uniting factor of what we have produced has been the extensive use of repurposed/recycled materials. 

The pieces evolve from a combination of the unique materials we find and the products and industrial processes that we have become familiar with over the many years that we have spent in the theming business. 

This is an exciting new direction for us and it is our hope that this art-based approach will lead to bigger and better installations and generally raise the bar across all our events as we introduce these pieces as features for all manner of events in the future.