School Holiday Activity

Kiwi Property, Northlands Mall

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We have been created a buzz at Northlands Mall around their ‘Bee Wrappy’ school holiday activation. Our team were tasked with creating a fun and eye-catching space for kids, to create their very own eco-friendly beeswax wrap!

Our great range of artificial greenery along with our large fabric flowers in shades of yellow and orange, transformed the main wooden structure into a vibrant hub of activity.

Due to the process involved, we needed to ensure that all of the practical requirements were addressed for the staff to comfortable work within the space and manage the crowds sufficiently. We achieved this by isolating the main structure via furniture placement and creating bespoke ‘drying’ racks, to ensure that staff has a safe area to work in a logical order and allow sufficient space.

We defined the work activity space for customers using our astroturf flooring and white picket fencing, dotted with freestanding large floral clusters and informative ‘bee fact’ signage.

The campaign was a huge success – so much fun that unfortunately it had to come down earlier than anticipated, as they ran out of beeswax supplies!

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