Meridian Twisted Masquerade


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Corporate Event

We LOVE theming the annual Meridian Energy NZ retail team event, as they always provide us with such fun themes to bring to life. This year a “Twisted Masquarade” at the Christchurch Art Gallery inspired a combination of lux rich velvet and brilliant gold contrasted with quirky mask details.

Replicas of famous artworks were tweaked to incorporate masks and grouped together to watch over the dance floor as the band Puree had the party pumping. A tight three hour set up time, meant the power of many hands working together… Always a pleasure to work with the team Multimedia Systems to illuminate and elevate the magic!

We also really enjoyed working with the talented team from Epic Entertainment to create living artworks to mingle with the guests. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Andy Warhols “Marilyn” and Vincent Van Gogh’s “Self Portrait” made for unique photo opportunities!

If it all got too much, guest could take a break in the lounge area we created outside the main galleries with gorgeous furniture from Hayley and Co, where they could enjoy some tasty after dinner treats from the always delicious Movable Feasts.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s theme will be…!

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