Pop ups & Displays

As a company, where would we be without displays, activations, promotions, and pop-ups over the last couple of years?

As much as Covid has made gatherings and events hard to navigate, it has also given rise to the art of promotions and activations as an effective means of getting one’s message across in a safe and socially distanced manner.

Activations and displays have always been a big part of Theme Productions’ offering. Our team is rich with designers and creative types who can bring life and vitality to both a very specific and descriptive brief, and work together with a client to craft an on-brand campaign and suits the culture of the product or company while being engaging for its desired audience. 

We share one of our buildings with a fantastic print company, which effectively gives us a print shop under our own roof. This close association not only enables us the luxury to develop concepts, refine processes and try out new ideas and techniques at our leisure but – most importantly – allows us the opportunity to respond to short-lead inquiries and “emergency” print jobs.

We are well versed in working within the parameters of brand guidelines, campaign objectives, and defined budgets. We work directly for all manner of clients; companies, brands, organisations, malls, etc. We also work hand in hand with other production/activation companies from around the country to assist and support them in delivering campaigns where logistics or budget (or Covid!) may not allow them to do the job themselves.


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