Awards Dinner


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ARANZ Geo held their global awards dinner at the Tannery this year, and Theme Productions had the pleasure of managing the evening. Guests were dressed to the nines in the 1920’s – star wars mashup-themed evening and arrived to glam Epic performers, live jazz band music, and photo opportunities against art deco panels set with a chic chaise longue.

The pre-function area was separated from the dining/formalities space by a plush metallic gold + black curtain, drawn back to allow guests through to the main event. Multiple 55” screens spread throughout the atrium complemented a 103” main presentation screen. We supplied staging for both the 18-piece all-female swing band and a separate formalities stage. Glowing fairy-light curtain connected the stage backdrop and fairy-light cylinders, and festoon string lights hung above the diners.

As the evening drew to a close and the gold T-light candles still glistened on the table next to the glowing topiary ball centerpieces… guests departed with sore feet after a night of dancing and fun. Thanks to the production team and the awesome Tannery crew.

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