Mike Pero Awards Dinner

Mike Pero

| Draping | Lighting | Centerpieces | Backdrops | Furniture | Ceiling Decorations | Staging |

| Great Gatsby | 

The Town Hall Auditorium was transformed into a Gatsby-themed gala dinner space, celebrating Mike Pero Real-estate awards for an epic evening.

After a full day of conferencing within the Avon room, guests arrived back dressed to the 1930’s theme. A fun photo area was created in theme, including floral details, chaise longue, suitcases, backdrop, and gold details for fun informal photo opportunities.

Guests were welcomed into the main space down a centered red carpet with a large fairy-light chandelier hung as the statement piece within the roof. Festoon steps leading up to the large stage area were required for the big band and Epic Entertainments “epic” performance pieces. Our Art Deco panels centered as the stage backdrop was beautifully lit thanks to AC Lighting.

Black silk draping surrounded the perimeters of the space with gold metallic drops accentuated with up lighting, creating an intimate dining space. Martini glassware centerpieces glowed on the tables, adding to the luxurious Gatsby-themed evening.

Thanks to Bianca for allowing us to create and transform the Town Hall Auditorium into a beautiful gala dinner space.

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