Armageddon Auckland


Activation / Festival

After 3 covid related postponements, Armageddon finally filled Auckland’s showgrounds. Lots of fun stalls, video games and cosplay brought the event to life!

We have been also waiting for Armageddon, as we have been building on something special. Our unique Steampunk Voyager and a Spaceship, to go along with our already existing Racing Pod!

Our way up to Auckland was over 1000km away, using two trucks and two vans to bring our creations! Two trucks pulling the first part of the spaceship and the racing pod, and two vans with the rest of the spaceship and the Steampunk voyager!

It was awesome to see how much people loved our creations, using the space, taking photos and videos. The spaceship even had a TV premier live on The Breakfast Show.

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