Matariki Malls

Scentre Group


Activation / Installation

2022 was the first year Matariki was a public holiday. So we decided to work with various malls across Christchurch to make this year mesmerizing and special!


At Westfield Riccarton we created an indoor native forest. The experience included a walk through the native bush while also discovering the story of Matariki. Softly twinkling black fairy light curtains marked off the area and created a night time feel, while in the background you could hear the peaceful sounds of a deep forest and native bird songs.


For the Matariki Celebrations at Northlands, we have used their “House” structure and created graphic artworks about Matariki on the walls and roof. Once you step inside you can discover all the different stars of the star cluster and get lost in a beautiful Matariki night sky moving projection.
Throughout the installation, the house was used as a reading cave for kids by a local library.

The Palms

Another celebration of Matariki again was created at the Palms, with a whole shop space to fill! A local school painted and drew wonderful artworks of the different stars in the cluster. We have supplied our right boxes, so the masterpieces could shine in all their glory. The entry of the shop was marked by a fairy light tunnel which sparkled and invited all the people in the mall to step into the Matariki Discovery room.
There was also an interactive spin to it. At the end of the room were our acrylic bars, lighting in matching colours. Kids and Adults were asked to write on little stars, how they celebrate Matariki and stick them onto a big wall to create a huge night sky filled with stars.

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