Miles Toyota Twisted Christmas

Miles toyota

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Miles Toyota celebrated their Christmas party with a twist. Pemberton gardens and the tea house was transformed into a twisted Christmas theme with guests entering beneath a hanging custom-designed sign. Candelabras set with glowing candles flanked on either side of the garden hedges covered in spider webs and uplighting highlighted the entrance space. Large gargoyle statues welcomed guests into the Tea rooms and once inside green and red fairy lights hung around the balustrade for a festive feel.

A large wreath hung within the window, with spider web details and skulls adding the twist to the traditional Christmas décor. Up-lighting placed around the room provided ambiance, with glowing centerpieces filled with Christmas haunted décor elements. A black silk draping and a large LED moon acted as the stage backdrop for the band. Shout out to Epic Entertainment who did a great job with their Twisted Christmas Characters. We hope all the guest enjoyed their Christmas party with a twist.

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