Sweet Shop Westfield




We were thrilled to create a unique ‘sweet shop’ for westfield+ members!

Westfield Plus members were invited to visit the ‘sweet shop’ and receive a complimentary sweet treat. From the moment visitors approached the ‘shop,’ they were greeted with an eye-catching lollipop flower box and other oversized candies and lollipops.

The back wall shelves of the ‘shop’ were stocked with jars of color-blocked lollies and giant licorice all sorts, while our ‘Hamptons’ bar made a perfect lolly shop counter. Additional shelving was added to store all of the numerous amounts of sweet treats available!

We also created a lolly-themed balloon arch photo moment that gave visitors the chance to win a $500 Westfield gift card

We hope everyone was delighted by the chance to indulge their sweet tooth!

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