Silver Fern Farms Annual Farmers Conference

Silver Fern Farms

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Silver Fern Farms held their annual farmers conference at the Chateau on the Park, with a unique twist. The two-day conference consisted of a social time held within a stretch tent marquee, and a conference held within the Chateau. Theme Productions was called in to transform the stretch tent into a rustic homely feel for guests to enjoy, mingle and eat. The BBQ dinner held an exciting boning competition. As the central focus of the evening, a square stage was surrounded by a large truss structure thanks to ETS.

Dressed with native plants, rocks, and wooden stanchions allowed the focus to be on the boning, later in the evening. Rustic timber flitch seating and wine barrels with brazier bar leaners provided warmth, along with woolen blankets placed on hay bales and butterfly chairs for more relaxed seating options.

Our wooden bar with herringbone pattern was the perfect bar within the rustic setting. A wooden shed facade, corrugated fencing, old fences, antlers, pine cones, and other details dressed the space.

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