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| Festival

Horncastle Arena was transformed into a colourful festival for Synlait Milk Ltd Staff and Supplier conference + dinners. Theme Productions had a great time assisting with the custom build design and installation of our new products for the 2-day event. The challenge of transforming the conference space into a fun colourful festival in under an hour was one we were up for.

A large curved LED screen thanks to Pixel Productions was the hero within the conference space. A break out space behind this with tea, coffee and food areas also consisted of white pods for suppliers and staff to network and see what their products are used for and transformed into. Once the conference was finished for the day guests moved through into the foyer space while the team transformed the space with festoon strings draped over head, large colourful flowers towered above. Pallet furniture was created with pops of colourful cushions used to brighten up the lounge areas, completed with brightly painted palm trees.

Our internally lit bars glowed within the room as the large bar area, with a smaller bar used as the bubble bar for champagne goers. A large photo area was created with our topiary panels dressed with bright colourful flowers accentuated with newly created free standing flower bunches for staff and suppliers to be amongst the flowers for fun photo opportunities.

This year’s food stations had a fun twist, with food truck facades made, flanking either side of the space-themed to the food offerings. Later in the evening, the draping was pulled back to reveal the festival area behind. The large stage and screen used for the conference were now used for the 4-piece band, the large dance floor had round risers placed around for guests to dance on for elevation. Festival flags and giant windmills flanked both sides of the stage and the outer walls adding further colour into the space completed with the lighting effects thanks to A C Lighting.

Thanks to Social Events for the creative design and overall event management.

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