Lost City of Atlantis

Cashmere High School

Lighting, Draping | Entrance Way | Bar  | Furniture | Photo Backdrop & Fairy-lights

 | School Formals |

Cashmere High School students dived into the lost city of Atlantis for their 2021 Senior Ball at the Wigram Air Force Museum.

We had a blast creating this magical underwater look using ancient ruin columns, fibreglass rocks, dyed water effect fabric, balloon ‘bubbles’ and ‘seaweed’ looking plants.

A huge space to visually fill – we utilised our white fabric ‘waves’ and silk cylinders suspended from the ceiling, illuminated with green/blue lighting from the talented team at Light Site to set a tone.

Our mirror ball cluster rotating in the centre of the room threw sparkle into the space to mimic the movement to being underwater. Centrepieces carried through the theme with miniature ancient ruin columns (3D printed using recycled plastic), nestled amongst shells, coral and magical blue sea lights.

We were also excited to debut our new 6-metre fabric wall used as a stage backdrop… we can custom print any design to suit any theme or corporate branding, and it all packs down into an easy carry travel bag!

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