Christchurch Town Hall

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Restored Townhall

Expertly refurbished and equipped an array of technology to support your event, the Christchurch Town Hall is a perfect venue for a variety of uses. The venue lies on the banks of the Avon River, offering a riverside view for Galas and dinners.

Spaces Available

Outside of it’s well known Douglas Lilburn Auditorium, the Town Hall has 4 more flexible spaces. These spaces include the Avon Room for a more intimate feel.

Douglas Lilburn Auditorium

Featuring world renowned acoustics and atmosphere, the Auditorium is perfect for concerts, shows, conferences, and so much more! The space can hold up to 2250 people for a theatre performance, or 280 for a banquet.

Avon Room

The Avon Room is naturally well lit and provides a perfect view of the river it is named after. The space emanates warmth and class, and is fully customizable for a variety event and even allows optional access to the beautiful outdoor terrace! The room can seat 170 cocktail or 120 for a banquet.

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