Versatile and Accessible

Only a short walk from the heart of Christchurch, Majestic is a versatile and appealing venue fit for almost any kind of event!

Majestic includes a full industrial kitchen, in house production gear, a coffee machine, and recording studio.

Spaces Available

Majestic’s varied spaces include an elegant foyer, an Auditorium, The Blue Room, Mace Space, and 25. Each space wonderfully suited to different kinds of events.


A comfortable space with seating for up to 500 people, and space for 700. Perfect for hosting a show or presentation. The space can also be used for dinners for up to 300 people.

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is a simple space perfect for a social gathering or meeting, it features two TV screens and can be split into two spaces or left as one depending on requirements.

Mace Space

A fun area with access to a sports arena, the arena can be used as a half basketball court, a volleyball court, or an indoor football court! The area also includes a carpeted space with a kitchenette.


Able to host 240 people, 25 is a renovated warehouse perfect for conferences or musical performances, and large social gatherings among other things. The space includes sound and visual equipment.

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