Ford NZ Vehicle Launch

Ford NZ

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For the release of the epic Ford Raptor, Ford NZ guests and staff experienced driving Ford’s new 4WD vehicle through the hills and backcountry at High Peak Station. After an action-packed day guests arrived back for evening activities.

The giant Nordic Tipi from Kiwi Tipi was perfect against the hills of High Peak Station and was the base for the evening events for guests to enjoy and relax after the long day. Theme Productions provided festoon lighting from within and around the cocktail area. Rustic timber flitch seating and wine barrels with brazier bar leaners provided warmth for the outside area. Our newly made wooden bar with herringbone details was the perfect bar within the rustic setting.

Butterfly chairs provided more relaxing lounge seating options, Pine cones, antlers and woolen blankets were a few of the rustic décor elements within the space. Outdoor speakers provided soft background music within the Tipi.

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