Geena Fife

Designer and Event Stylist
Special Talents
Creative design
Problem solving
Eye for detail
Can hold a tune

Personal motto

Laugh loud, learn lessons, love life.


After completing a Diploma in Interior Design and Decorating I worked in soft furnishings and kitchen design for a few years before finding my passion in Visual Merchandising. Moving to Sydney in 2006 I spent the next 13 years working at a national level for some of Australia’s largest retailers designing window displays, store layouts, promotional signage, and styling photoshoots.

Once my third child arrived it was time to move back home to Christchurch. Finding this unique role with ThemePro has ended up being the perfect job for me to bring all of the skills and experience I have acquired over the years to a fun and supportive company where I can still continue to learn and grow. 

Favourite project or activation

I love every project as they all provide their own unique challenges and provide immense job satisfaction upon completion. However, if I was to pin-point one in particular it would have to be the Meridian Energy’s ‘Phantasmagoria’ themed customer service team celebration – after 2 reschedules due to Covid it was so satisfying to see some of the crazy ideas we had finally come to fruition (giant birdcage anyone?)

A typical workday

The best thing about this job is there is no typical workday, every single day is different. I could be meeting on-site with a client in the morning, stopping by a supplier on the way back to the office to pick up some fresh flowers for centerpieces. Then, it might be sitting at the computer after lunch designing a piece of signage then out in the warehouse later in the afternoon spray painting something random before creating an installation display that evening in a mall. Lucky for me I thrive in a varied work environment, even if it does mean several different outfit changes are required some days

Contact info

+ 64 3 377 2045
Christchurch, NZ