Kieran Drake

Event & Graphic Design
Special Talents
Office tech support
Dry humour
In house barista

Personal motto

You never know what worse luck your bad luck just saved you from.


I earned my degree in Motion Design graduating in 2019 but decided to take a break from the office life, working as a pro Barista full time for 4 years, I picked up lots of people skills and hospitality experience which I use every day at Themepro. I’ve only been in the industry 6 months! but I bring lots of new and out of the box ideas to the table.

Outside of work I love climbing, spending my paycheck on coffee, and discovering new/old music.

A typical workday

I come in 15 minutes early to get my coffee fix, followed by a second and maybe a third! Once I am suitably buzzed up its time to catch up on emails, unload a truck or work on some graphics for our next gig.

Not one day is the same which is why it’s so interesting!

Favourite project or activation

Our ‘’Little Lawn’’ activation at Westfield Mall, designing a huge floor decal with steppingstones and games was tough but fun, then all the little details dotted around the activation really brought a cohesive look/feel.

Contact info

+ 64 3 377 2045
Christchurch, NZ