Will Shelton

Event Operations
Special Talents
Getting things done
Problem solving
Relentless positivity
Beekeeping prowess

Personal motto

You only get one go at life, so live it to the full.


My first job in events was in an events crew at festivals during my university summers, back in the UK and haven’t looked back from there (apart from a nine-month stint working as an accountant, but the less about that, the better). I worked up to operations manager for an event company back in London, before moving to Queenstown where I was managing big-budget events for some of the biggest companies in the world.


Outside of work I spend my time adventuring outdoors, including skiing, biking, surfing, and (more recently) kayaking. Followed by a few beers.

Favourite project or activation

It has to be the steampunk plane. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. The attention to detail is on another level.

A typical workday

Anything and everything from loading trucks to designing events. No two days are the same.

Contact info

+ 64 3 377 2045
Christchurch, NZ